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To be recognized as the most competitive logistic services provider in SADC and serve our customers through high technology, quality performance, innovation, and value-added services in line with international standards.


Provide our customers outstanding logistic services throughout SADC, facilitating the success and furthering trade as well as delivering meaningful, measurable value to our clients through focusing on: Execution of services. Live Monitoring of assets using Onboard Computers. Cost control. Continuous improvement; and Results orientation.


Our culture is driven by our commitment to our people and devotion to exceptional customer service. Together we work with our customers to understand and anticipate their future needs, constantly striving to improve our services and stay abreast with new developments in the market.

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Our Company's History

The story of Transpotes Lalgy begins when NGOs arrived in Mozambique after the country won peace after 16 years of war and the population needed help.

It is at this moment that the carrier merges with PMA (World Food Program), an international agency that offers food to more than 90 million people in around 80 countries, thus creating the first number one customer.

At that time there were already other transporters, but their fleets were burned or damaged due to the conflict in the country.

Thus, there is a lot of merchandise to be taken to places that have had nothing for more than a decade, the population lacks almost everything. The carrier saw the need and opportunity to increase the fleet to meet the demands of NGOs.

Junaide Lalgy, the current general manager, was 27 years old at the time, and with the death of his father, no bank gave the young people credit.

And without the capital to buy a fleet of trucks, Junaide decides to risk everything and goes to Fresp’s office, in the Progresso building, on Avenida 24 de Julho, to talk to Mr. Lars, who was a Swedish deputy, to order trucks. There were no trucks, but hope, as a fleet of 4 Volvo trucks was arriving from Durban, South Africa, to a customer in Malawi, Lars understands the urgency and bets on the young man.

Junaide did not want to believe it, because at that meeting there was no commitment to pay only the papers to lift the heavy loads.

Two weeks ago he arrived at the PMA carrier’s office, referring to works already carried out, with everything done if, in the first payment of the trucks to Mr. Lars, Volvo’s representative in Mozambique, a date for value was not mentioned, but with a new fleet, revenue increased in less than three months, and in a few months the debt of the trucks with Mr. Lars was honored and from then on Mr. Lars’s trucks were always open.

With an office installed in the garage of the mother’s house in Maputo Matola, thus in need of expansion, Matola’s facilities gained a larger office. In 1994, the brothers left other activities and joined the brother, and with everyone’s effort, two more new Fresp trucks were acquired.

However, one of the customers that transportes Lalgy, called SEMOC (seeds of Mozambique), arrives at Lalgy’s offices, where they distribute the seeds in the richest areas of the country, leaving the province of Gaza for their distribution centers and from there, smaller trucks were used to reach the villages. For this reason, in 1994, the carrier decided to open a branch in Beira.

To meet SEMOC’s needs, it was forced to travel internationally, some seeds were imported from Zimbabwe, and operations were complex and required great sacrifices from everyone because the fleet was still small. Many of these seeds were transferred from Mozambique to be delivered to Malawi, the team working hard to meet deadlines and internationalize Lalgy’s transport.

In 1995, a transport support program promoted by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) arrived in Mozambique, in which Transportes Lalgy was included and acquired six more trucks with direct financing from the agency through the Bank of Mozambique, with the full passage of fleet. for 17 trucks.

Around the turn of the century, in 1998, Junaide, the current general manager, traveled to the United States of America to buy used trucks accompanied by a South African. In Miami, Huston Transportes Lalgy acquired 26 more Freightliner trucks to integrate the fleet with 17 Volvo trucks.

Transportes Lalgy makes four more trips to the American parks to buy more trucks, thus opening another window of opportunity for the import and sale of trucks, having imported around 500 trucks a year, some for sale and others for the Mozambican market, in a total of 700 trucks traveling on SADC roads.

In 2002, a major project was started to transport pipelines from the Temane gas pipeline, in Inhambane province, Japan, to the Ressano Garcia border, in Maputo, taking them in a straight line to Temane.

This project opened the doors for the transport of fuels in 2007, and for bulk, which includes ore, and another for heavy machinery and abnormal loads, giving rise to a diversity of services.

In 2011 another delegation was opened, this time in Tete, which required the signing of the contract with Jindal Mining. Transportes Lalgy transported coal and operates internally in the mines with its own machines to ensure the best performance of the extraction works.

Why People Choose Us?

We know transport. Since 1990, we’ve helped shape the industry.
We are now using data and technology to create the most efficient transport network in SADC countries, operating one of the largest, safest, and most modern fleets on the road today. Our investments in tractors, trailers, containers, and equipment are a testament to the commitment we make to our customers, employees, and the industry. We are proud to offer award-winning services with efficient and securely independent transportation solutions that create value for our customers, with the ability to act quickly when circumstances change.

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Our organization has established itself as a reliable and stable partner, through many years of experience.

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We combine the quality of services and a deep understanding of the field.



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