Plant Hire

We offer a range of earthmoving equipment solutions at competitive prices for site clearing,mining, rehabilitation, excavation, and construction.

We have an existing fleet of factories at its disposal, the management is committed to a strategy of the right factory for the right job.

Opencast mining

Specializes in carrying out work for the mining industry such as:

• Fast track box cut excavations on gold, platinum, and uranium mines

• Rehabilitation of disturbed mining areas

• Opencast chrome, coal, manganese, and iron ore mining

• Prospecting box cuts

• Topsoil and overburden strip for dragline operations

• Sand dune mining at Richards Bay Minerals

Mining Infrastructure

• Temporary and permanent access/haul roads and associated stormwater /services

• New platforms and laydown areas for new shafts

• Box cuts for new mining portals (including blasting and temporary wall support)

• Water pipelines

• Stormwater Pollution Control dams and Tailings Dams Facilities

• Drainage channels, berms, and major diversion stormwater canals

• Railway lines and sidings

Mining Equipment/Vehicle Hauling

We are an expert provider in transporting machinery with significant years of experience offering world-class, cost-effective solutions and the safest routes. We have a fleet of low beds to transport all your mining equipment with reliability and safety across the country.

Material Handling

This division involves bulk material handling such as wood chip loading into ships for export and mining ore transportation from train off-loading area to jaw crushers. These operations are normally 24/7 operations

Haul Road Maintenance:

Haul road development and road maintenance. A well-maintained haul road will ensure that haul trucks can operate safely and efficiently while reducing emissions and truck operating costs. This includes dust suppression solutions to reduce dust and erosion of the haul roads and other problem areas within the mine.