Plant Hire Solutions for Your Project Needs

Discover superior earthmoving equipment solutions tailored for your site clearing, mining, rehabilitation, excavation, and construction projects.

With our existing fleet of cutting-edge factories, we prioritize a strategy of precision – matching the right factory to the right job. This commitment to strategic management guarantees optimal performance and reliability, ensuring your projects meet and exceed expectations.

Opencast Mining

Fast Track Box Cut Excavations:

Rapid and precise excavations on gold,

platinum, and uranium mines, ensuring swift project progression.

Mining Area Rehabilitation:

Diligent restoration of disturbed mining areas,

promoting environmental sustainability and ecosystem regeneration.

Diverse Mining Operations:

Expertise in opencast mining of chrome, coal, manganese, and iron ore,

adapting our methods to the unique demands of each resource.

Prospecting Box Cuts:

Strategic and meticulous prospecting cuts to assess

mineral potential and optimize mining efficiency.

Dragline Operation Support:

Efficient removal of topsoil and overburden,

clearing the path for seamless dragline operations.

Advanced Mining Infrastructure Solutions

Access and Haul Roads:

Crafting both temporary and permanent roads,

complete with stormwater management and essential

services for seamless access and transportation within mining sites.

Shaft Platforms and Laydown Areas:

Construction of new platforms and laydown areas tailored for new mining shafts,

ensuring efficient operations and logistics.

Mining Portals:

Expertly engineered box cuts for new mining portals,

inclusive of blasting techniques and temporary wall support,

guaranteeing safe and productive mining activities.


Water Pipelines:

Design and installation of intricate water pipelines,

vital for various mining processes, executed with precision and durability in mind.

• Water pipelines

• Stormwater Pollution Control dams and Tailings Dams Facilities

• Drainage channels, berms, and major diversion stormwater canals

• Railway lines and sidings


Stormwater Pollution Control:

Development of dams and facilities to control stormwater pollution,

promoting eco-friendly practices and environmental conservation.


Drainage Infrastructure:

Implementation of drainage channels, berms, and major diversion stormwater canals,

strategically designed to manage water flow and prevent disruptions in mining operations.


Mining Equipment Transport: Your Trusted Partner

Expertise & Experience: With significant years of industry expertise, we excel in providing world-class, cost-effective solutions tailored to your unique mining equipment hauling needs.

Safety First: We meticulously plan and execute each transport, ensuring the safest routes and procedures, giving you peace of mind throughout the journey.

Comprehensive Fleet: Our impressive fleet of low bed trailers is meticulously maintained, ensuring the reliable and secure transport of all your mining equipment.

Nationwide Coverage: No matter where your mining site is located across the country, our extensive network allows us to deliver your equipment promptly and efficiently.

Efficient Material Handling Solutions


Wood Chip Loading: We excel in loading wood chips meticulously into ships for seamless export processes. Our expertise ensures careful handling and secure loading, meeting export standards effortlessly.

Mining Ore Transportation: From the train off-loading area to jaw crushers, we manage the transportation of mining ore with finesse with techniques that guarantee the safe movement of valuable ores, optimizing your mining operations.

24/7 Operations: We pride ourselves on offering 24/7 services, ensuring your material handling needs are met promptly and efficiently, day or night.

Professional Haul Road Maintenance Solutions

Professional Haul Road Maintenance Solutions

Haul Road Development: We employ advanced techniques and strategic planning to create roads that enhance operational efficiency and safety.

Regular Maintenance:  Proper maintenance leads us to reduced emissions and lower truck operating costs, contributing to a more sustainable mining process.

Dust Suppression Solutions: Our techniques not only reduce dust but also prevent erosion, ensuring the longevity and stability of haul roads and surrounding areas.