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The world of project logistics is full of challenges, from heavy and oversized loads to impossible routes, complexity, and risks. Transportes Lalgy has over 25 years in the project logistics division, experience in handling complex projects and non-standard equipment, and achieving your goals with safety, health, and environmental care in mind. The scope of projects is enormous, regardless of the sector, they are in – power plants and mechanical engineering, construction, energy, oil, gas, or renewable energy. These loads refuse to fit into small packages organized for simple transport. They are too heavy, too clunky, and require complex preliminary planning, proven experience, and active supervision from a partner who cares about your project as much as you do.

Mobilization, Movement Between Wells and Demobilization of Drilling Rig

The SMP drilling Rig was contracted by Sasol to Temane Gas Fields.  The Rig arrived in Maputo in March 2016 in a chartered vessel and had to be transported 740kms over 1 land to site.

Rig Packing List:

• Nr of Bundles: 86 | Total Weight: 1,720 Tons

• Total Volume: 6,255 m3 | Heaviest Piece: 48Tons

• Longest Piece: 19.20m | Widest Piece: 3.80m

• Highest Piece: 3.60m | Total Nr of Trucks

• Flatbed: 59 | Extendable: 7

• Lowbed: 10

Construction of Maputo Gas Power Plan

The scope of this contract was to discharge and move all the cargo for the construction of Maputo Gas Power Plant, located 5kms from the Port. The heavy Modules up to 100Tons where discharge from the Vessel to Lalgy Yard in Matola and stored for 1 month before being delivered to site.

The units came in 3 charter vessels and  were offloaded directly from the ship to the truck. Due to the width limitations of the road, the cargo had to go through secondary roads, which required permanent assistance of our Bulldozers and Graders.

Pipe Transportation

Since the early 2000’s Lalgy Transport have actively participated in all the pipe transportation projects from the Gas field in Temane, loading in Maputo Port or in South Africa. With a current fleet of 20 pipe carrier trailers, and pipe cradles for different sizes of pipes, Lalgy Transport guarantees safe and on time delivery.


The first Mining contract awarded to Lalgy Transport was in May 2013 and went up to 2014. The Scope of work was to move the reject and thermal coal coming from the wash plant to the dump area and spread it.

The equipment used was:
• 6×4 Rigid Back Tippers
• 6×6 Articulated Dump Truck
• Bulldozer D6
• Front End Loader 966H

FLNG Mozambique

Lalgy Transport was awarded to a contract with the Mooring Project for the Coral FLNG Mozambique on early April of 2021, proudly we executed successfully the first phase of this project. It took 43 trips of heavy nets with weights of up to 133 tons and 63 trips of reels with 60 tons to fully unload the ship in a combined operation of 24h and 12h. 

Loading of a Crane at the Port of Maputo.

On the 4th of September of the year 2021, Tranportes Lalgy carried out the loading of a crane at the Port of Maputo. The crane had a weight of 106 tons and a height of 11.66m. The dismantling of this ingenious crane was carried out in two stages. In the first phase of moving from the ship to the truck, the booms, counterweights, and crane track was removed. In the second dismantling phase, other components of the crane were removed, dividing the  parts into 8 trucks. The crane was transported to Johannesburg to Siren’s parks.