Our managed transportation solution is designed to improve and simplify your logistics by leveraging the experience and resources of the Lalgy team. We make sure you get where and when you need to be. We can help plan and optimize transport in and out of SADC to select the best routes and modes, we help to optimize every nickel you spend on transport.


Our organization is prepared for well-defined storage solutions. With the expansion of storage horizons, we have provided many transport services according to customer demands. Our storage system has allowed us to reduce traffic congestion, regardless of regional location, offering multi-core and dedicated storage solutions for a diverse range of customers and shared storage structures for a small scale.


Through the years, Lalgy transportes gained space in the domestic and regional markets. Mining industries,  accessibility to the field was a challenge therefore it prompted us to invest in this particular inch to improve our flexibility and independence. Because Earthworks is nothing new – removing, moving or adding large amounts of soil and/or rock from one area to another; We have embraced many modern practices and innovative technologies that take traditional Earthworks techniques to a new level, allowing us to deliver unparalleled service in the industry.